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Foundation Repair

Underpinning Process for Sinkhole Remediation & Foundation RepairYour foundation is vital to the overall stability of your home. Any signs of weakness in your foundation could be signs that something larger may be looming. Florida has more than its fair share of this type of problem due to many factors. In fact, you can look from Ocala to Jacksonville and Tampa to Orlando and even as far south as Melbourne. Florida is just riddled with multiple causes of foundation issues which call for foundation repair. Whether it is hurricanes, tropical storms, flooding, rainwater wash-out, or even sinkholes, Florida has increased risk for foundation issues.

My foundation issue could be a sinkhole?

Do you have large or growing cracks in your foundation? Does your foundation seem to be unlevel or developing a slant? Does your block foundation have cracks larger than normal hairline cracks? If so, your foundation issues may be early warning signs of a bigger problem, such as a sinkhole.

Sinkholes have become something of a fact of life in Florida’s “sinkhole alley”, including Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough Counties. In fact, more than 2/3 of sinkhole claims reported to the Office of Insurance Regulation between 2006 and 2010 occurred there. This means that foundation problems should be taken seriously, they should be addressed ASAP by a qualified sinkhole repair & remediation specialist. Make sure they are truly qualified like the licensed, bonded, and insured foundation repair professionals at The Sinkhole Guy®.

Common Issues Requiring Foundation Repair

Structural damage to your home’s foundation is not always immediately obvious. There may be other warning signs throughout your home indicating that there is a foundation problem. If you notice any of these issues, it is best to contact a sinkhole & foundation repair expert right away. This will help prevent further damage, including possible complete loss of your home.

Foundation problem warning signs include:

  • Large or growing cracks in concrete slab foundation
  • Larger than normal cracks in concrete block foundation
  • Stairstep cracks in concrete blocks or bricks
  • Home seems unlevel or developing a slant
  • Bulging or sagging floor sections
  • Separation between walls and floors or ceilings
  • Cracks in grout between floor tiles or cracked tiles
  • Cracks in interior walls or sheetrock
  • Cracks around window or door frames
  • Windows and doors becoming more difficult to open

Foundation Settling

All homes are subject to settling over time, and any of these signs could exist without a sinkhole being present. Consequently, the only way to be certain that your home is not in danger is to speak with an experienced foundation repair specialist. Furthermore, the foundation repair specialist will perform diagnostic evaluations to determine the root of your foundation issues.

Foundation Repair Costs

Every foundation repair is as unique as the ground on which the foundation rests. In fact, many foundation repairs require a certified engineering plan to address both the foundation and underlying issues. There are also multiple ways to repair your foundation depending on the root cause of the foundation issue. As a result the costs associated with the repairs vary greatly.

Foundation Repair Services

If any of these apply to you, we can help:

  • Have damage to your foundation?
  • Experienced any of the signs noted above?
  • Would like to have your home or property inspected for signs of a potential sinkhole?

Our licensed, certified, and bonded foundation repair specialists can help save you from the immediate and devastating impacts a sinkhole can bring. The Sinkhole Guy® offers complete sinkhole remediation services, including foundation repair. We can help to return your home to its original condition or better.

Foundation Repair
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Free Foundation Repair Consultation

If you have a damaged foundation, or signs indicating foundation damage may be present, contact us. We can help determine the root cause and perform needed foundation repairs. Call (352)796-3847 for a Free Consultation with The Sinkhole Guy®!