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What Are Sinkholes and How Are They Formed?

Sinkhole causes, damage, and repairsA sinkhole is a cave-in or natural depression in the land’s surface caused by the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks or by erosion of rocks or soil below the land’s surface. Sinkholes commonly occur in areas where the rock beneath the land’s surface consists of carbonate rock, limestone, salt beds, or other types of rock that have a tendency to dissolve with moving underground water. The most significant factor in the development of Sinkholes is the dissolution of the limestone by acidic waters underneath the ground’s surface. Limestone is a porous rock, capable of cracking, breaking, and dissolving. As water reaches the Limestone and slowly begins to dissolve the rock, it creates voids and cavities and the soil resting on top of the Limestone then collapses or subsides into the caverns and voids, resulting in a Sinkhole.

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