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Our Warranties

Compaction Grouting – Lifetime Transferable Stabilization Warranty

The Sinkhole Guy® provides a lifetime transferable stabilization warranty covering the affected home from further movement. Coverage under this warranty is limited to the settling of the foundation of the affected home within one-half (1/2) of an inch.

For over 50 years Compaction Grouting has been the recommended repair in stabilizing confirmed sinkhole activity. Did you know that it was just a few years ago that repair companies started providing a warranty on this repair? Why do you think that is? We believe first hand that it is very difficult for a company to warranty a repair that at the end of the day, you can’t see, feel or touch the end result. So it is our company’s responsibility to you as your contractor, that we will provide you a “stabilization warranty”. Why settle for a grout warranty that may not cover your home when we will provide a “stabilization warranty” to ensure that your home will never move, sink, settle or shift again! Here’s how it works! This Warranty covers the foundation of the home structure. After the grouting repair is directed and signed off by your insurance company’s engineer, The Sinkhole Guy® will provide you with a survey prepared by a duly insured and licensed Florida surveyor which will provide the elevation of the foundation, so that any post-remediation settlement can be confirmed. This survey is provided to you at no additional cost.

If the foundation of your home moves more than one-half (1/2) of an inch as determined by a new survey test, The Sinkhole Guy® will work with your insurance company for a resolution. Should the end result be The Sinkhole Guy® covering the warranty claim, we will underpin your home at no cost to you. This underpinning stabilization, within our warranty, will stabilize the foundation from any further movement if the compaction grouting was unsuccessful. This warranty is also transferable to the next purchaser of your property. Our ability to offer a transferable warranty with future warranted underpin stabilizations is what sets us apart from all other remediation companies!

How will I know if my foundation settles? The second survey The Sinkhole Guy® provides will determine whether or not any movement beyond the (½”) tolerance has occurred. This survey is provided to the Owner by The Sinkhole Guy® at no additional cost. The Sinkhole Guy® will require an annual preventative inspection provided by our company at no cost to the Owner.

Underpinning – Lifetime Stabilization Warranty

The Sinkhole Guy® warrants the work done for the lifetime of the structure, from the date of completion. In the event additional settlement occurs, The Sinkhole Guy® will evaluate the problem free of charge. If additional settlement (reopening of cracks, additional cracks or further dropping of slab), is found to be caused by the loss of pressure to the underpin system, The Sinkhole Guy® will fix the problem completely free of charge to the customer. The boundaries stated are within six to eight feet of each pier.  The Sinkhole Guy® will also cover all workmanship and any defect in the materials used.  The Sinkhole Guy® will not be held responsible for movement caused by earthquake, hurricanes, flood, soil erosion or any other natural disaster.  Your exclusive remedy shall be for correction of any defect in workmanship and materials of the pressure pier system as set forth above.  In no event shall you be entitled to consequential damages, regardless of whether the claim is based on warranty, contract and tort or otherwise.  The total limit of our liability shall not exceed the cost of the defective work in place by The Sinkhole Guy®.

Free Consultation with Sinkhole Repair Specialist

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