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WARNING to Policyholders About Rebates

Florida Prohibition Against Rebates – The policyholder is prohibited from accepting a rebate from a person performing sinkhole repairs. If the policyholder does receive a rebate, coverage under the insurance policy is rendered void and the policyholder must refund the amount of the rebate to the insurer. Furthermore, a person who offers a rebate commits …
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Reported Sinkholes in Florida & Tennessee

This map shows the locations of sinkholes reported since 1954 in the Florida Geological Survey’s statewide sinkhole database. It does not include all sinkholes in Florida. Tennessee Sinkhole Map: Free Sinkhole Repair Consultation If your home has been impacted by a sinkhole, Contact us at (352) 805-1088 For a Free Consultation with a Sinkhole Repair …
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