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Why would I need a Sinkhole Attorney or Sinkhole Adjuster?

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Whenever you have an issue with your home that seems like an insurance issue, it is only natural to call the insurance company and put in a claim. However, many times that is when the hard times begin. It is an unpleasant experience hearing that the issue you are having isn't being covered enough or even at all.

Sinkhole attorneys and sinkhole adjusters work on your behalf, not on behalf of the insurance company. While the insurance comapny sends in their own adjusters to determine the value of the claim, those adjusters are there on behalf of the insurance company, not you.

The home is the largest investment that many people have. They pay to have it insured so that it can maintain that value. Sometimes, a private attorney or private adjuster is needed, in order for you to get the most coverage for your home.

What is the difference between an attorney and an adjuster?

A private adjuster that has experience in sinkholes, sinkhole damage, and sinkhole repair is needed in almost every case. Whether a home owner hires them or the attorney hires them, they are needed. The adjuster will first assess the damage to the structure and property. Then they will use their expertise, to provide a solid estimate, for the repair work that needs to be done.

An attorney will use this information provided by the adjuster with litigation in mind. Many times by the time an attorney is involved there has been a claim eithered denied outright or it has been "low-balled" by the insurance coverage for change.

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How Sinkhole Lawyers and Adjusters Can Help

For about 20 years, sinkhole claims have been on the rise. Of course when claims are being paid out for damages, insurance companies are "losing money". In 2011, a bill was passed by the Florida Senate. This bill required that the foundation of a building be included in structural damage. However, the bill also required that the foundation must have moved more than what the building code allowed.

This changed how claims were processed so it became increasingly more difficult to get sinkhole claims, accepted. After all, insurance companies are known for hiring teams of lawyers and experts who are prepared to find that your specific damages fall outside your policy coverage.

A sinkhole lawyer on the other hand, will ensure that your property has been properly tested prior to having the claim rejected by the insurance company. A sinkhole adjuster can determine what the legitimate damages were and what you should be entitled to, at a minimum. Finally, a thorough investigation by a legal team and your representatives gives you an experienced advocate to negotiate, on your behalf, with the insurance company.

Sinkhole Repair Services

If any of these apply to you, we can help:

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  • Experienced any of the signs noted above?
  • Would like to have your home or property inspected for signs of a potential sinkhole?

Our professional licensed, certified, and bonded foundation repair specialists can help save you from the immediate and devastating impacts a sinkhole can bring.

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